White Sage Smudging Kit

Negative energy could be accumulated over time.You often feeling drained and depressed, you possibly suffering from the negative energy hanging around you. our aura is being dark and dese with negative thoughts. Sometimes hanging around with negative people or environment could also bring you down.In fact, you are absorbing the negative energy radiants from the negative acquittances.

If you're new to smudging, or just want to grab everything you need in the one pack, this is the perfect product for you. This smudge stick include an abalone shell for sage ash, a smudge stick and a smudging feather.

This kit provided use 4 elements from the natural world, abalone shell, white sage and feather. The sage is organically grown without artificial spray or fertilisers. The smudge stick should be ignited at one end and gently blow to the ember until it starts to smoulder. Let the unlit end rest in the abalone shell supported with one hand and fan the smoke using the feather. You can do just one room or the entire dwelling.

Shell - represents the water element
Feather- represents the air element
Sage- represents the Earth Element
Fire - represents the Fire Element

Smoke - (the result of all of these elements together) represents Akasha, Soul, Spirit, Energy

In native American spiritual tradition, smudging plays an important role. Smudging can cleansing your aura and purifying your body. Once your body is purify, your body begins to attune to the higher vibrational frequency and any hexes and curses shall be removed.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely perfect!

Maz P
Beautiful and thoughtful piece

I appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that went into this product. I used it for my first ever altar in my apartment and I use it regularly to clean the space and myself. I could immediately feel the beautiful vibes it was emmitting as I pulled it out for my own home ceremony. Thank you for holding such a beautiful space!

Nathan Coakley
Beautifully presented, amazing service

Thank you for the beautifully presented smudging kit, amazing service and helpful information you included. Will defiantly recommend and order again.

Nikki Lee

House feels calmer

Kaizel Mendoza
Fantastic Find

Received the package quick. The packaging is good with a beautiful postcard. I am exciting to use it for house warming. These are amazing find. The website gives you info about the items too. Thank you so much. 💕