10cm (3") Small White Sage Smudge Stick

Negative energy could be accumulated over time.You often feeling drained and depressed, you possibly suffering from the negative energy hanging around you. our aura is being dark and decease with negative thoughts. Sometimes hanging around with negative people or environment could also bring you down.In fact, you are absorbing the negative energy radiants from the negative acquittances.

A smudging ritual would help to clear the negative energy. A smudging ritual is like a spiritual shower, washing all the negative energy away.

White sage is the most scared of all the smudging herbs. For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant. Smudging is the ancient ceremony of cleansing yourselves and others with smoke form certain herbs. White sage can be used for welcoming in the new day or cleansing the body, home or workplace, but is also used in ceremonial occasions, including sweat lodges. By smudging with respect the symbolism goes beyond the physical to enhance your spiritual connection.

Native American Indian cultures traditionally used smudge sticks in spiritual ceremonial practices. The burning of smudge sticks is called smudging. Smudging is used to cleanse a person, place or objects of negative energies, spirits or influences. Legend has it that negative energies attached themselves to the smoke and leave, making way for good and helpful spirit. The burning of sage with positive intent- verbally or mentally, can be done as often as you like to purify your surroundings at home or work.

The sage is organically grown without artificial spray or fertilisers. The smudge stick should be ignited at one end and gently blow to the ember until it starts to smoulder.

Sage neutralises the positive charge and releases large amounts of negative ions into the atmosphere; just as a waterfall or running water, emits the same thing. The smoke from the sage meets the positive ions, clings to them and neutralises them out of our aura, or from the room or house where you live or work.

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Andrew McKenzie


diane jansen
sage 10 cm stick

Very happy with my new sage 10cm stick and also happy with the speed of processing and delivery.Thankyou very much. Will be ordering again through the Spirit of Life.

Tiffany Jane Kaur
10cm small white sage smudge stick.

Wonderful product, wasn’t expecting two. Will definitely be purchasing from here again. The sticks are very hard to find at a reasonable price, thank you.

White sage
Smudge sticks

Great smudge sticks, good to untie and use each small branch individually instead of all together as the aroma is quite strong.

Magda P.
Burns well & smells great!!

A good smudge stick lights up easily and it....smells great.....will buy from you again.