Satya White Sage Fragrance Oil 30ml

Traditionally used as soothing ceremonial oil that’s extracted from the most aromatic of the Salvias, White Sage Oil is commonly used for purifying the air and cleansing negative energy.

Powerful, pungent, the fragrance of this white sage oil will be familiar to all those who have used this herb for its renowned ceremonial and therapeutic benefits.

White Sage oil comes from the sage plant that is well-known for its purifying action on the spirit and atmosphere. This oil will strengthen the body and mind with an overall cooling effect. In the spiritual realm, white sage is used ceremonially for cleansing spaces. It is believed in some traditions to have its own very potent energy, which is able not only to clear negative energy but also to attract positive energy.

How to Use White Sage Oil

White sage oil is fantastic in the diffuser where it has an appealing smell and easily blends with other purifying oils such as eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender.

  • Diffuse white sage for ceremonial purposes when a sacred atmosphere is desired or whenever negative energy needs to be cleared and positive energy needs to be invited into a space.
  • You can directly inhale a drop on your palms to help with wintertime respiratory challenges, or to help bring equanimity and clarity.
  • White sage, diluted in water, can be misted into the air to change the energy in a room or to use as a personal mister to clear your energy after working with clients.

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High quality genuine sage oill

A well priced, high quality and genuine sage oil.

Very well presented and super fast delivery :


Fiona Jorgensen
White sage oil

Absolutely gorgeous can't wait to add it to my candle.

White sage

Smells so good but It's a little difficult to get the essential oil out

White sage

Love love the fragrance..
Sleeping so much better since using...
Differently will be buying again 🙂