Kamini Aphrodisa roll-on perfume Oil 8ml

Kamini Perfume Oils are a beautiful blend of non-alcoholic fragrances, made from elements of

essential and perfume oil.

These gorgeous fragrances by Kamini of India are designed to be worn on the skin. These oils can also be used on soft furnishings or on car seat covers.

Each of these 8ml bottles have a convenient roll-on applicator.

Kamini Of India are famous for their extensive range of vegetable based aromatic soaps and also their exquisite high quality range of incense sticks and dhoop cones. Kamini have been making incense and oils for many many years and are one of the worlds largest manufacturers of incense & beauty products.

Traditionally used as soothing ceremonial oil that’s extracted from the most aromatic of the Salvias, White Sage Essential Oil is commonly used for purifying the air and cleansing negative energy.

Powerful, pungent, and camphorous, the fragrance of this white sage essential oil will be familiar to all those who have used this herb for its renowned ceremonial and therapeutic benefits.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Darlene Williams
Not the same

I like this scent it’s ok, however it’s not the Aphrodisa I remember, (purple in colour) like I used to buy back in the 90’s that one was THE BEST

lynn mary prowse

Well worth the money

Janice Ireland
Aphrodisa Oil

Just beautiful, gentle and the fragrance is calming.

Fiona leanne
good service.