Tibetan Handmade Root Chakra Singing Bowl with Cushion & Striker

Singing bowls are classic instruments and meditation tools in Tibet. Tibetan singing bowls are also known as Himalayan singing bowls. Singing bowls are widely used in spiritual traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, for meditation, relaxation, healthcare, personal well-being, and religious practice. By rubbing singing bowls with a wooden or leather wrapped singing bowl striker while the singing bowl rests in your palm, the rim of the singing bowl vibrates to produce a calming sound (or hum).Every singing bowl has its unique sound recorded.

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Customer Reviews

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Chakra Singing Bowl

Cute little bowl that produces a nice, clear sound. Also has its own case. Love it ❤️

Rhonda Lockyer

I ordered this bowl and love it so much that I had to order the others. It has a beautiful and clear sound and it is easier to use than other bowls when sustaining the sound.

Beautiful singing bowls

I received 3 of these singing bowls as a Christmas gift. Have never had a singing bowl before, so complete novice. I love them, with practice I look forward to making some beautiful, peaceful, meditative music. Definitely going to buy the full set.

They come in a lovely case, with a little round matching mat, for them to sit on.

Very happy with this gift 💝