Black Hand Made 2 hours altar pillar candle- 6 Pack

These candles are made in Australia from non-toxic ingredients and have been hand-dipped using the traditional methods since 1973. Each of these candles is non-toxic, slow burning and smokeless meaning they are able to be burnt in confined spaces such as caravans, teepees, tents etc. Each candle is non-scented and do not contain any animal products. The vibrant colours are achieved with the same vegetable based dyes often used in Batik art. These are perfect for your altar, spells and rituals.

These black chime candles are great for all manner of protection and balancing spells. And rituals.

Customer Reviews

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Ashley Parry
Amazing and beautiful candles!

These candles are beautiful, I love the fact they are handmade and each candle is unique. Burns well, great size, looks beautiful on my altar and a great price

Katherine B
Perfect size

I picked up a box each of White and Black chime candles to go in the small black and white pentacle chime candle holders.

They fit perfectly. If the bottom of the handmade chime has a drip of wax it's easy to slice off or melt. And a drop of melted wax helps the candle sit securely in the holder.

They burn cleanly and completely down. A bit of wick and a small puddle of wax is all that's left in the bottom of the cable holder - easy to clean up with a cotton bud. The only time I've had a dribble down the side was when I didn't check that the candle was sitting vertical.

I would buy these again

Morgan Wagner
Black hand made 2 hour pillar candles- 6 pack

They are beautifully made candles, all symmetrical and even, they burn well and have a sturdy wick. They beautifully decorated my altar and I will be purchasing them again!

Tanya Slebos

I'm very happy with my products. They are genuine and delivered on time 😁

Dianna Gonzalez
Just right

Wonderful fast service and just what I needed!