Spiritual Sky Perfume Oil- Patchouli

Simply dab a drop or two onto your pulse points like your neck, wrists and temple and the fragrance will last all day - calming and soothing your mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual sky perfumes are proudly bottled in Queensland, Australia and have been growing a loyal customer base for over 30 years. Their made with natural ingredients and contain no animal extracts so they're completely vegan friendly!

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Irene Dostine
Back to the 70’s

The same perfume I wore in my 20’s.
Hadn’t found one the same until yours.
Excellent price & delivery. Thank you!

Caroline Hollow
Spiritual Sky oil

Love love love this product!
Reminds me of when I was a young hippy!
Great to see we can still purchase this product.
Thank you.

Beth Denning
Old Fragrance

I love the smell of this, I always wore it when I was in my 20’s many moons ago, people are always commenting on how nice I smel💐👍🏽

chris arai
Love it!

Great service! and wonderful perfume oil, Totally love it.

Simone R
Fragrant memories

I used to wear Spiritual Sky Patchouli oil many years ago as a teenager and uni student. I hadn’t come across it for many, many years, and I’m so delighted to have found this old favourite again and indulge in fragrant memories. I only need a drop and it lasts all day. It’s as lovely now as it was back then.