Wicca Journal Tree Of Life spell book 5"*7"

This handsome leather bound journal makes an ideal diary or scrap book. With durable pages made from recycled cotton & permanently bound in quality embossed leather, this journal won't deteriorate in your lifetime. When you finish one journal you can simply start another and keep your work in a collection. Best of all it would make a great addition to your personal library.

This journal features a beautiful embossed and detailed weave pattern with a pentagram on the front. Adults & children alike will enjoy writing on such strong quality paper.

Please be aware our spell books do not come pre-filled with curses, hexes, enchantments, or otherwise harmful and/or mischievous but useful mystical incantations, rituals, or recipes. That being said, our Wiccan spell books and journals do come pre-loaded with paper, ensuring that the moment you get them, you can start recording whatever you desire within the confines of your very own stylish decorative notebook.